About Us

Roger Duffield - President & CEO

Mr. Duffield has a significant background in the development and management of start-ups, private and public companies, in the United States, Europe and South Africa. Currently, Mr. Duffield serves as CEO of Protext Mobility as well as Chairman of Plandai Biotechnology Inc., a USA public company with operations in South Africa. He also serves as the non-executive chairman of the Dunn Roman group of companies. In 2002, Mr. Duffield cofounded the Plandai group of companies, which is now comprised of considerable interests in biopharmaceuticals in South Africa, including the 7500 acre Senteeko green tea estate. He has an extensive background with published scientific research and development of Plandai sciences and bioavailable botanical extracts through the actions of cavitation and sonoluminescence relating with live plant materials and emulsions. The Plandai science platform involves contributions from numerous academic institutions and research laboratories.

Mr. Duffield was awarded in 1997 an Honorary Nuclear Doctorate by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and a further Honorary Doctorate in Material Sciences by the European Natural Sciences. In 2001 the Foundation for International Services, California granted recognition of a BSc qualification in Chemical Engineering. During the period 1990 through 2002 Mr. Duffield both founded and managed two USA public companies involved with new sciences relating to hydrocarbons, emulsions and fuel cells supported through powder metallurgy. Extensive published research has been undertaken with numerous academic institutions through the world, including USA, Europe, Russia, Siberia and South Africa. Mr. Duffield also has an extensive background in the farming of sub-tropical fruits and green tea when he owned and operated farms in South Africa.